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Q. What is a Car Title loan?
A car title loan is a loan that is based on the equity of your vehicle as collateral. During the loan payment period you still remain in possession of the vehicle.

Q. What is the first step in the process of getting a title loan?
The first step would be to apply online or call 855-849-5899. Palmetto Car Title Loans has a quick and easy application that only takes a couple of minutes to fill out.            

Q. Why get a title loan?
A title loan allows you to get money based on the value of your vehicle while still being able to drive it. The title loan is based on your car’s value, not on your credit score.

Q. After I have paid off the title loan, how do I get my auto title back?
After you have paid off your loan, the title will be returned to you.

Q. When I apply for a title loan, does the vehicle title have to be in my name?
The automobile has to have your name on the title in order to use it as collateral for the title loan. If your name is listed along with another person’s name, then that person must also be present.

Q. How long is the application process for a car title loan?
Our application is very simple and easy. First, apply online, then send in/bring documents for verification and then, get your cash fast. The process can take as little as 15 minutes.            

Q. Am I able to obtain an increase on my vehicle title loan?
It is possible to get an increase. Call 855-849-5899 and see what the requirements are and if you qualify for one.

Q. How does a car title loan work?
Car title loan amounts are based on the value of your car. Your name must be on the title in order to qualify for a car title loan. To apply, please complete our quick loan application online or call us at 855-849-5899.

Q. When I apply for a car title loan, do you perform a credit check?

Q. Will it affect my chances of getting a title loan if I filed for bankruptcy or have bad credit?
Not really since the loan is based more on the value of your vehicle. Bankruptcies must be either discharged or dismissed. We will then contact you and go over your situation to determine if you fit the requirements for a car title loan.

Q. What is required for an auto title loan?
Clear Title, Registration, Proof of Insurance, Driver's License, Proof of Residence, Proof of Income           

Q. Is there a prepayment penalty if I pay my automobile title loan off early?
At Palmetto Car Title Loans, we wouldn’t dare charge you for paying a loan off early!

Q. Do I have to be employed to get a title loan?
No.  We accept customers that are either employed, self-employed, on fixed income, on disability or receiving unemployment income.            

Q. Does my car need to be completely paid off to get a car title loan?
No.  In most cases we can pay off your current lender and also get you the extra money you need.

Q. How much money am I able to borrow against my vehicle title with a title loan?
The financing really depends on the collateral you have. It usually depends on the wholesale value of your car.

Q. Do I have to have a checking or savings account for a vehicle title loan?

Q. When I get a car title loan, am I still able to have full use of my car?
Yes! Unlike a car pawn loan, you are still able to drive your car as your loan is being paid off.

Q. How quickly can I get the funds from a car title loan?
The quicker you fill out the application and send in all the documentation the faster you will get the money. At Palmetto Car Title Loans, we have a quick 3 step process so that you can get your loan fast. All you have to do is fill out the online application then a representative will call you to get the necessary paperwork and, if you are approved, you can get the cash in as little as an hour.

Q. How much money can I borrow from an auto title loan?
Car title loan amounts are based on the value and condition of the vehicle. Palmetto Car Title Loans lends larger amounts of cash than the average car title company. Apply online today or call us today at 855-849-5899!

Q. What is the cost of my credit?
The cost of your credit will depend on the amount borrowed, the condition of the collateral, and the length of time that it takes to repay your loan.

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